MBBS (DOW), FCPS (Clin Haem)
EBMT Accredited BMT Physician,
Assistant Professor and BMT physician
Section Head, Aplastic Anemia

Dr. Shafaq Abdul Samad is a European-certified Bone marrow transplant physician currently working as an Assistant Professor at NIBD Karachi. With an MBBS degree from Dow Medical University and FCPS in clinical Hematology, she has expertise in both Allogenic (full matched and hplo) and autologous stem cell transplant. She has incorporated her clinical skills in expanding the haplo identical stem cell transplant program at NIBD for Beta Thalassemia Major, Aplastic anemia, and even rare inherited disorders such as Hurler syndrome, Gaucher disease, and chediak higashi syndrome, etc

She is also working as the clinical head of the section of Aplastic anemia and PNH (Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) at NIBD and takes a special interest in raising awareness about these disorders via research articles and case reports. She is also actively involved in consultative hematology, especially for anemia and platelet disorders, autoimmune disorders and gynecology, etc.


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