COVID-19 outbreak flipped the whole globe to another side which is unbelievable.

Our real fighters, who were struggling with life-threatening disorders, are now struggling twice as hard to get the necessary care and blood donation.


Nowadays, the blood shortage is not due to the high demand for blood products, the problem is a lack of supply. Blood donations have plummeted due to the nature of the COVID-19

Pandemic and social distancing put space between yourself and others to reduce the spread of illness which has become common. It also has led to the abandonment of community blood drives that many blood banks rely on. Receiving blood donations is a matter of life and death for some of the people coping with advanced cancers, transplant recipients, heart failure, autoimmune conditions and many more like Trauma or Injury.


In this span, it is still possible for healthy people to donate and help those in need. Donating

blood is essential to community health and suitable donors are strongly urged to donate during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many Hospitals and registered blood banks are also offering door to door blood donation, omitting walk-in risk exposure which means you can safely donate blood by sitting at your home.


If you cannot donate blood due to some reason, you can also help by motivating others, spreading messages and raising a voice. If you are feeling healthy and meet general eligibility criteria, please schedule your donation now to any hospital and ensure a stable blood supply amid the coronavirus scare.


Social Distancing does not mean Social Detachment

Play your part and save lives.


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