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Department of Molecular Cytogenetics

In this era of targeted therapies for blood cancers no haematology lab is complete without molecular and cytogenetic facilities. NIBD & BMT is one of very few medical institutes in whole country where Molecular Biology, Flow cytometery and Cytogenetic facilities are integral part of diagnostic setup. Molecular biology department is doing analysis for detection of Beta Thalassaemia, Alpha Thalassaemia mutations and Xmn1 polymorphism in suspected cases of Thalassaemia. Additionally Bcr/abl, Jak2, Flt3, NPM mutation analysis for myeloproliferative and acute myeloid leukaemia patients are also performed. HLA typing, CMV and Chimerism studies are done by PCR for bone marrow transplant patients. Flowcytometery allows quick diagnosis of various haematological malignancies and also helps in monitoring of lymphocyte subset analysis in HIV patients.

Department is providing conventional cytogenetic analysis as well as FISH (Fluorescent In situ Hybridization) on blood and bone marrow samples. These tests have become mandatory part of international guidelines for accurate diagnosis of haematological malignancies and monitoring of residual disease. Cytogenetic Department of institute has distinction of having both internationally recognized software systems Metasyststem® and Cytovision® for quick and accurate reporting of the results.

Head Doctors


    Dr. Tahir Shamsi

    Consultant Haematologist & Transplant Physician.

  • Pediatric

    Dr. Saqib Hussain Ansari

    Consultant Haematologist & Transplant Physician Pediatric.