About the Division

Thrombosis and hemostasis reference lab is providing quality coagulation testing services since 15 years nationally and specially deserving patients throughout Pakistan, borders of Iran, Afghanistan and Gulf Countries. We have screened 2000 patients of bleeding disorders and 500 of thrombophilia across the Pakistan. THRL is providing their services free of cost for capacity building of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Our Lab Participates in proficiency testing with World Federation of Hemophilia-International External Quality Assessment Scheme (WFH-IEQAS) UK.

Our Lab is also working in collaboration with international universities for learning practical and theoretical skills from experts. Thrombosis and Hemostasis Reference Lab (THRL) is located in Centre of Excellence for Molecular Pathology in NIBD.

THRL offers a wide range of testing of sample analysis, research projects, Product evaluation, instrument validation, clinical trials and more servicing to pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic manufacturers. Clinicians and researchers. Our Lab currently have 3 Coagulation automated analyzer, Helena Platelet Aggregometer, ELISA, FACS 3Calibure for Flowcytometery, Hitachi 3500 ABI Genetic Analyzer, next generation sequencer (Illumina), Hi-tech Refrigerated Centrifuges, -800 C Freezers for storage of specimen and liquid nitrogen facilities for transportation.

Test Profile

  1. PT / APTT
  2. Fibrinogen
  3. D-Dimer
  4. Fibrin Monomer
  5. All Clotting Factors Assays
  6. Ristocetin Induced Platelet Aggregation
  7. Inhibitor Screening
  8. Inhibitor Assay
  9. Mixing Studies
  10. Platelet Aggregation Studies
  11. Thrombophilia Screening
  12. Lupus Anticoagulant
  13. Platelet Glycoprotein Analysis
  14. Sequencing for Coagulation factors (I, V, VII, VIII, VWF, IX, X, XI, XIII)
  15. Genetic Defects of Vitamin K
  16. Genetic Defects of Platelet like Glanzmannthrombasthenia, Bernard Soulier
  17. Sequencing of Protein C
  18. Sequencing of Protein S
  19. Parental Testing ofHaemophilia A, B and all Bleeding and Clotting disorders.
  20. Carrier Identification for all bleeding and clotting disorders.