About the Division

The Division of Immunology and Applied Microbiology is specialized division of Centre of Excellence on Molecular Medicine (CEMM) at National Institute of Blood Disease and Bone Marrow Transplantation (NIBD) Karachi. It is equipped with state of art instruments providing quality diagnostic / research facility.


  • To maintain and improve high quality laboratory testing to aid in diagnosis / treatment of disease.
  • Training of post graduate students to develop into successful research scientists.
  • Basic and applied research in the cellular aspects of infectious diseases, cancer, immunology and host defense.


  • Immunology / Serology
  • Microbiology

Immunology / Serology

Immunology / Serology uses the concept of antigen and antibody as a diagnostic tool.

  • Flowcytometry based tests:

Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood or bone marrow aspirates

  1. Acute Leulemias
  2. Chronic lyphoproligerative disorders.

  • CD34+ enumeration
  • CD4+ count for HIV
  • Minimal residual disease (MRD) detection in acute leukemia
  • Platelet Glycoprotein Analysis
  • Aplastic Anemia Panel
  • Lumphocytes Subsets Analysis

Serology / ELISA

  • Rheumatoid Factor (RA)
  • Antistreptolysin O Titre (ASOT)
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Dengue IgG, IgM, Ag
  • Widal
  • Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Profile
  • CMV Antibody
  • Typhidot
  • Troponin-I
  • Troponin-T


It receives almost any clinical specimen, including swabs, feces, urine, blood, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, as well as possible infected tissue. The work here is mainly concerned with cultures, to look for suspected pathogens which, if found, are further identified based on biochemical tests, also sensitivity testing is carried out to determine whether the pathogen is sensitive or resistant to a suggested medicine. Results are reported with the identified organism(s) and the type and amount of drugs(s) that should be prescribed for the patient. Tests performed are:

  • Urine Culture
  • Blood Culture
  • Bone Marrow Culture
  • Tissue Culture
  • Pus Culture
  • Fungus Culture
  • Fungitell