“We care about you, Our patient’s well-being is our priority.”

Department of Pharmacy Services


The pharmacy services at NIBD and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Karachi provides state of the art pharmacy services with a mission to providing ethical, accessible, companionate and high quality service to our customer.

The Department of pharmacy providing professional services to our patients 24 / 7, which including in-patients and out-patients. Pharmacists are link among Patients, nurses and doctors.

Out-Patients Pharmacy

It is designed for both patients and the public. We have wide range of products, including prescription drugs, surgical disposable, diagnostic equipment, skin care products, nutrition, consumer items and OTC products along with patients counseling on prescription drugs.

In-Patients Pharmacy

Computerized unit dose drug distribution system to admitted patients and serve take home medication to discharge.

Oncology Pharmacy

IV-admixture programs provides accurate and ready to go administrate sterile IV-Chemo medicines to the admitted and day care patients in the hospital.

Pharmacy Compounding Services

Extemporaneous compounding services provide different required combination and dosage forms of medicines which are commercially not available in market.

Clinical Pharmacy Services (Point of Care Pharmacy)

The goal of clinical pharmacy services is to ensure patient safety parameters. Pharmacists visits and review all medication orders in the patient’s profile and provide professional / recommendation to clinical about the medication, their doses, interactions, duration of therapy, lab reports etc.

Training and Development Programs.

To articulate with NIBD’s objective of serving as the reference institute in the region to provide best patient care and to promote education and research. Education and Training Department (Pharmacy) was established in 2012. This department conducts different programs for postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate pharmacy students to learn and practice different aspects of hospital and clinical pharmacy. These programs include Pharmacy Residency Program, Traineeship for graduate pharmacist and advance & fundamental clinical pharmacy courses for undergraduate students. NIBD is also serving as a training site for clinical clerkship for Karachi University 5th Professional Year Students. CPE sessions and one day workshop / seminars are also organized time to time to polish and refine clinical skills of practicing pharmacist which help them adjusting rapidly changing job requirements.

Head Doctors


    Dr. Tahir Shamsi

    Consultant Haematologist & Transplant Physician.

  • Pediatric

    Dr. Saqib Hussain Ansari

    Consultant Haematologist & Transplant Physician Pediatric.